Company Values

Taiming is a values-based company. These important key principles underlie both our service to clients and our relationships with employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Client service

We are firmly committed to the satisfaction of our clients, and to building long-term partnerships with them through quality products, responsive service, and dependable delivery and our understanding of their needs.


We are the pioneers of new technological developments in the drawer slide industry. We constantly work to find new and improved ways of meeting our clients' needs and reducing their costs, and we never take existing solutions for granted. We are committed to the continuous improvement of our products and processes, and continually invest in Automation.


In everything we produce, the safety of the user is paramount. We will never compromise on the safety of our products.

Environmental sustainability

We will continue to reduce our environmental footprint in order to minimize waste and contribute to a green future of clean energy.


We deal fairly, responsibly and ethically with our clients, employees, suppliers and business partners. We will not compromise our principles to gain business advantage.


We are a learning organization, one where experience and know-how is shared freely with colleagues in a spirit of openness.

Our word is our bond

At Taiming, our people are all bound by a shared set of values and a commitment to caring, trust, respect, and interdependence. As a result we go to extraordinary lengths to support our clients' success.