Our Factory

Our manufacturing facilities are among the most technologically advanced in the world. Our factory is located in the Industrial Development Zone of Leliu Town, Shunde City, in Guangdong Province, China. The factory covers 240,000 square meters and with our workforce of over 2,000 employees we have the capacity to manufacture over 13 million slide sets per month along with a comprehensive range of accessories. Our factory offers clients a wide range of products developed in a rapid timeline.

We continually invest in improving our manufacturing efficiency. The combination of process automation and the scale of our factory enables us to offer an unrivaled quality-to-cost ratio for our drawer slides, with quality that is equal to our European competitors but at a significantly lower cost.

The combination of our Research & Development team and our cutting edge CAD and CAM equipment enable us to meet all of our customers' specifications and designs. Our commitment to R&D of new products and to continuous technology systems upgrades results in lower operating costs as well as strengthening our customers' and agents' competitiveness.

Discover today the difference that Taiming's efficiency and value to cost ratio can make to your business.