Streamlined Motion

Our mission is to create perfected movements for global furniture.

Taiming's drawer slides result in drawers that open smoothly and easily in a streamlined motion. Opening and closing drawers equipped with Taiming drawer slides is silent and effortless. And our lifetime guarantee insures that your drawers will slide just as easily tomorrow as they do today.

Taiming new products in hinges not only gives perfected movements to opening and closing of doors in all cabinets,but is also perfected by our commmitment to providing our customer with high quality at competitive prices that gives our products an unequalled advantage.

For Taiming, Innovation in Motion does not apply only to our products. Our commitment to research and development of new manufacturing techniques and systems increases our efficiency.

Taiming brings Innovation in Motion to our full product line as well as our production line. The result is fast and efficient manufacturing as well as great products that last a lifetime and will delight your customers.