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Taiming Inspiration

2018-02-09 11:15:26    Author:

At Taiming, we have a 30-year heritage of success behind us. Building on our rich foundation of production and R&D experience, we are now able to meet market demands by officially launching hinge products.

Hinges are nothing new, of course; however, Taiming has observed that the quality of hinges on the market has been deteriorating for some time. This is probably because old manufacturers' machinery never gets replaced when it breaks, which has put product development into an even worse slump. Thus the hinge market has seen a major downturn in overall quality, and with no investment in R&D, it is falling even further behind. Consequently, the quality of hinges on the market is no longer acceptable.

It is time for a change! Taiming is determined to rectify this situation, so in 2013 we put our own hinges into production. We will be drawing on our 30 years of R&D experience, and the advantage of having the latest stamping technology and in-depth experience of automated production. Our commitment to providing our customers with high quality at competitive prices gives our products an unequalled advantage.

Taiming's hinge design and R&D performance is the best in the country, backing up by an engineering team that has three decades of valuable experience. All of our moulds are made by the most advanced equipment for development and processing. We also use state-of-the-art production technology, with European automated stamping and assembly equipment. Our products' technology and quality is far in advance of the antiquated plants of other producers.

Taiming has put into production a new series of American style and European style hinges, which include a new American style hinge with a unique design, with nearly 20 patents, it has damper built into the cup, which is a major breakthrough ; as well as the latest European 165° hinge ,its opening angle can be adjusted from 125° to 165°, and the European style hinge has a 2 way 15° buffer, and so on.

As the "forerunner of furniture hardware", Taiming aims to vigorously promote an innovative and progressive hinge market, driven by our desire to contribute to genuinely beautiful furniture.